Adding some extra protein to your diet!!

Protein is one of the essentials of your diet intake of foods, but nowadays some of us like to add a little extra to help

us through our busy days especially if you go to a gym too. In some cases cutting down on carbohydrates and replacing them with protein-based foods might be better for you in the long run.

We are not experts or asking you to eat an extra helping of meat, as that is a main sauce of protein. There are others, eggs, dairy, fish, and for vegans nuts and pulses, all with a varying degree of protein content.

So just changing your diet slightly by taking out some carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, or rice and adding a cooked egg could help sustain a more healthy lifestyle especially those who workout at a gym on a regular basis.

Next time you’re cooking up a beef bolognese, maybe only cook a third of the amount of pasta but add a tin of borlotti beans to your bolognese. In this way you are adding more protein to your diet but not in the form of red meat.

Make a ratatouille with kidney beans and some cooked chicken and leave out the rice. Cook some lentils, spice them up with a curry paste and a spoon of yoghurt and sprinkle with some toasted nuts.

Starting the day well might make you feel better in yourself with a handful of fresh berries, to give you some fruit sugars for energy, combined with natural yoghurt, nut granola and again a sprinkle of extra almonds.

Please be careful when focusing on weight loss and using fat-free foods, somewhat surprisingly, some use extra sugars for taste and can be misleading. A good breakfast can set you up for the day and is a good way to start.

As we have said, we are no experts in nutrition, but would like to think taking a sensible approach to what you might eat, taking out a few foods or just cutting down, is a good place to start.

Create food to enjoy, this way you might enjoy what you eat.