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Having breakfast waiting for you when you arrive in the office can be after you’ve travelled through rain, wind, freezing temperatures or even the odd bit of sunshine this time of year. To be greeted with a warm bacon roll, greek yoghurt topped with muesli and fresh berries, or whatever you have ordered for colleagues […]


Well who would have thought that food collaborations would be such a big thing and do they work? I suppose since they do work as to open up to new customers and increase both participating food brands’ presence in each other’s markets. A lot of these products are not competing in each’s market share, such […]


Here at Maven Foods, we try our best to accommodate all tastes, from canapes and finger foods to a selection of bowl foods and sit-down dinners. So when it comes to convenience and wanting more than a sandwich. We can offer rice or baby potato salad and then various fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan options. […]

When a few canapes will do!

Sometimes, when you just need some little nibbles just to go with a few drinks. Either for a work social, a celebration or entertaining clients after an all day conference. A few canapes as they are convenient, tasty and just enough to have with a drink and can help bring colleagues together to round off […]

What are we scared of!?

  When it comes to October, Halloween is just around the corner, when we can become creative, dressing in a fashion that would make you think, “Is that a real zombie!” You know that it is not real; it is not going to harm you. Is that the same as riding on a ghost train, […]

Cold Buffet

  A cold buffet laid out on a summer evening, placed on a table at the office, for guests to help themselves at a party or even a wedding. The buffet or even sharing platters ticks a lot of boxes; once set up, it can be grazed on over a period of time or ready […]


Burgers, where do we start? The choice is no longer between a cheeseburger or non-cheese burger or, come to that, seeded or seedless bun. There is a myriad of fillings; patty, beef, pork, lamb, vegetarian, vegan, fish, and not forgetting chicken. Then you have tomato, salad, mushroom, pickles, slaw, sauces and a variety of cheeses. […]


So while in Brisbane and liking all things food, we had to pay a visit to Eat Street. This is a large area of the old docklands covered in pop-up food bars built up with containers. Some of the bars are under a large cover,  and there you can also find bands and dj’s entertaining […]


Easter is the time for new beginnings when spring starts to show what has been hidden away beneath the earth. It’s also a time for families to get together, to sit and eat and enjoy the year ahead. A Sunday roast was always the highlight of our week as a family, though we never understood […]