Serving drinks, where it’s for a gallery opening, drinks to compliment canapes or bowl foods, a buffet or just for the office party. It can be hard choices to make as to how much to buy, let alone what to offer. Even with the bar itself, should you go for the table, tablecloth or a light-up bar or other types?

This might depend on space and budget. Sometimes keeping it simple with beers and wine, with a table set up with glassware and some ice, is all you might need. For an office or a reception, tats were to begin. To add to your setup, maybe add some cocktails, popular ones such as a mojito, or blackberry tom collin, or even a prosecco cocktail. With cocktails, you can limit the amount to be served or just for a few hours.

This gives you control on your budget as well as some extra variety and would not cost the earth as they are more straightforward. When it comes to gin, vodka and other spirits, it can be a hard one to call. You do wish your colleagues and friends to enjoy themselves but might not want things to get out of hand.

Setting limits on what spirits – all single measures – are available and for how long (a set period of time) as well as the volume you might have, maybe keeping it a few litre bottles. With some ice to cool drinks, lemons and limes, helpful bar staff to serve and clear dirty glassware away.

Whichever way you would like your bar setup, we can help with your arrangements and what can be offered.