We were asked to create some canapes that have a slight hint of a south American/Asian feel.

So we did and it was refreshing to do so. As a result, we thought we would share in a blog to say that we do like to get out of our comfort zone and reach out to other cultures in the world. We took patatas bravas and added yucca in a deep smoky tomato sauce, simple but full of flavour.

Saltfish croquettes with roasted garlic hollandaise were amazing. Saltfish in South America is very popular, being such a large landmass, salted fish to preserve it was the only for it to travel long distances without spoiling and as such is still used widely today. Tradition is a wonderful thing but also when it’s good why try to change it.

We slowly cooked some pork belly in spices for hours then glazed it in Lime and chilli. Roasted some

salted cashews and crushed them to give some texture. This was served on a carrot, pea and wakame salad, served on a spoon.

Beefsteak plays a big part, which we will add to in another blog. Sirloin beef anticuchos with a sweetcorn and coriander dip. Seasoned steak, grilled with a smooth sweetcorn and coriander dip.

Arancini is a mix of rice, cooked until it is able to hold together in a ball. This was flavoured with lobster stock and lobster meat, cheese is there too. Served with a sriracha and herb sauce.

Spiced tuna cones – sesame ginger tuile – chilli aioli, wasabi, tosa sauce, daikon sprouts is a combination of marinated tuna with different sauce toppings in a sesame tuile cone.