Having breakfast waiting for you when you arrive in the office can be after you’ve travelled through rain, wind, freezing temperatures or even the odd bit of sunshine this time of year. To be greeted with a warm bacon roll, greek yoghurt topped with muesli and fresh berries, or whatever you have ordered for colleagues or guests is always a nice touch.

A few companies we work with like to offer breakfast once a month for anyone in the office that day. Breakfast is supposed to be an important meal to start the day, but we would say that all foods throughout the day are important.

We have a range of breakfast menus to choose from or even swap around to create your own.

With freshly baked pasties, filled croissants and bagels to juices and filled rolls with grilled bacon, sausage or egg as well as vegan and gluten free options, delivered in a hot box, ready to eat.


Well who would have thought that food collaborations would be such a big thing and do they work? I suppose since they do work as to open up to new customers and increase both participating food brands’ presence in each other’s markets.

A lot of these products are not competing in each’s market share, such as Dairy milk collaborating with vegemite. One is aimed at the sweet/chocolate aisle while the other is in the savoury aisle to spread on your toast in the morning, but each came together to give salty, sweet-based chocolate, probably following on from salted caramel becoming popular with chocolate brands.

In another instance, Heinz pasta sauce and absolut vodka come together for a tomato-based pasta sauce with a touch of vodka. They do not clash in the food aisle but after dropping sound bites before release of their product, and given it was a limited run, they managed to increase awareness of each other’s products to new buyers as (well as Heinz having the top selling pasta sauces for that period). Heinz also increased the popularity of their other pasta sauces.

Now it’s not all roses in the garden of collaborations. Kellogg’s and Kit-kat combination… in this day of high-sugar cereals aimed at children for breakfast? For some parties, this might be going a step too far.

Whichever your point of view, they are here to stay in this digital age where being first to have a limited run of food is something to post about, even if it only helps you get a few more followers.


Here at Maven Foods, we try our best to accommodate all tastes, from canapes and finger foods to a selection of bowl foods and sit-down dinners.

So when it comes to convenience and wanting more than a sandwich. We can offer rice or baby potato salad and then various fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

As well as this they can be gluten/wheat free, if need be.

With the rice or baby potato, we would add some salads to accompany your fish, meat, and vegetarian choice.

We hope this gives more scope to give to clients as well as being individually packed and labelled, with biodegradable ware. Great for when you have little room or time to deliver lunch or a large number of guests. We would give it to you, you then hand it out to your client, ready to eat.

We have a Mexican box with spiced chicken, roasted sweetcorn salad, pickled onions and guacamole.

With this, we can offer a selection of carton, bottled, or canned drinks as well as individual boxed desserts or sweet treats such as chocolate bars or rich chocolate brownies.

We even have our Japanese lunch box with a selection of sushi, wakame pea carrot salad and seaweed wraps.

Please give us a call or visit our website

When a few canapes will do!

Sometimes, when you just need some little nibbles just to go with a few drinks. Either for a work social, a celebration or entertaining clients after an all day conference. A few canapes as they are convenient, tasty and just enough to have with a drink and can help bring colleagues together to round off a long day. A thank you for their participation as well as providing the opportunity to network or mingle.

Delivered on platters ready to use, with a wide choice of flavours, including vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian. If you were after more substantial foods, why not try finger food. This would be a better option if you wanted to provide more filling food. We have a menu to suit your needs and a variety for all tastes; all can be mixed and matched for you.

There is always the option of waiting for staff to help serve the canapes as well as a chef on site to put some choices of canapes as well as prep hot canapes.

We can supply drinks if needed.

Please visit our website or give us a call to see if we can help.

What are we scared of!?


When it comes to October, Halloween is just around the corner, when we can become creative, dressing in a fashion that would make you think, “Is that a real zombie!”

You know that it is not real; it is not going to harm you. Is that the same as riding on a ghost train, that you are in a safe place, you are strapped in. Yet when it’s dark with eerie noises, subdued lighting and an ominous figure would jump out and make your heart pound and fingers clench tight, wanting this to end.

Yet here you are, wanting that feeling, wanting to be frightened, wanting to be spooked. So why do we become unnerved by new foods? What happened to eating offal or seafood that might not have been heard of? Are we losing touch with eating all that a sheep might offer?

Do we just go for the start-forward steak or chicken supreme because it’s easy or just safe? All the off-cuts become disguised as something else, such as sausages or pate. Are we losing the real street food?

On a trip to Sicily, we ended up in some back street restaurant ordering food, what? We did not know, but surely that is not the point, it’s the taste, using the whole of the animal, the heritage behind these dishes.

This is much like, “I’m a celebrity; get me out of here.” They are not going to feed you something that would cause any harm. So if you are given a broomstick that’s made of food or stuffed braised lamb hearts, explore, taste and enjoy; it’s not going to hurt you.

Deciding on what suits you, we can help guide you.

We only say this as we had been asked how much food one needed and what they should order for a birthday reception. This may sound easy as we are caterers, but this was a question from a friend who was arranging an evening at a restaurant in the city. They were given a list of canapes and costings and asked to decide on which they would like.

We advised them on our thoughts, but then that got us thinking. Are we beginning to be helpful enough? How many canapes should we have, bowl foods or finger foods? It may be an odd question, but when you are arranging food and drinks for an office meeting, a celebration, lunch, canapes or even a dinner, it can be quite daunting.

Here at Maven Foods, we hope to find a menu on our website, and if not, we can make a bespoke one for you. If ever you are unsure on whether you would like canapes or finger foods, a cold buffet or individual lunch boxes, then please give us a call or drop us an email; we are always here to help you and guide you through all our food options.

Take bowl foods; how many are needed per guest, and what does that relate too. We would say, three bowls food for each colleague, which amounts to a light meal.

When it comes to drinks, you might have an idea on which you would like: bottled beers, prosecco, red, white wines or some cocktails. We would give guidance on quantity, but always bring a little extra if needed – we would inform the organiser before they are used. Ask questions, look at our Instagram pictures, and go to our website.



Cold Buffet


A cold buffet laid out on a summer evening, placed on a table at the office, for guests to help themselves at a party or even a wedding. The buffet or even sharing platters ticks a lot of boxes; once set up, it can be grazed on over a period of time or ready for the lunchtime break for an all-day conference.

Whether it’s sit down at laid tables – we can help there too – or fork food as space is limited but would like to offer a more substantial meal. With a selection of desserts or even mini desserts to follow, the choice is ther

When planning a cold buffet, try to have a mix of colours and textures, even if you are having a cheese buffet. Select hard and soft cheese, blue and colourful cheeses. A variety of flavoured biscuits – beetroot, charcoal, herb flavoured, bread, rye, seeded, ciabatta, homemade crisp crostinis sprinkled with smoked paprika, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Mini pots of pickles and relish, grapes, apples, strawberries, apricots and dates and, where possible, a sprinkling of nuts. And that’s just cheese, or maybe not just cheese!

With meats, fish, vegetarian dishes, and salads of all tastes and flavours. Dessert tables, too, all there to be enjoyed.

If you are in need of staff, chinaware or glassware, get in touch.



Easter is the time for new beginnings when spring starts to show what has been hidden away beneath the earth. It’s also a time for families to get together, to sit and eat and enjoy the year ahead.

A Sunday roast was always the highlight of our week as a family, though we never understood whether Sunday is the first day of the week and so the beginning or the last, the seventh day of the week. Either way round we would all sit round the dining room table and enjoy whichever roast, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and lots of gravy made from the meat juices. The meat fat was always kept to make dripping which would be spread on toast the next morning as well as any leftovers cooked up the next day for pies and soup. It seems that using every part of a joint of meat was important then and just as important today, not to waste but to make more of what we have got.

Colours Have Meanings

Colours create instant impressions in the mind, so reactive and instinctual that we don’t even recognize them happening. This could go back to our far removed ancestors, who depended on at a glance, telling a toxic berry from a tasty one, a potential snack from a venomous bite.

Somewhere along the way, this deeply ingrained colour coding lost its necessity. However, the mental impressions colours give still affect our preferences, decisions and possibly even how we taste food once it’s in our mouths! In the catering industry, professionals try to harness this connection between colour and flavour to create a higher food and beverage experience.

Red, spicy, sweet. White, salty, cool, fresh.Green, crisp, crunchy. Brown, deep, savoury. There are certain expectations created by foods of certain colours. Now, these are by no means hard rules, but when you look at food, your brain makes a snap judgement on what it might taste like. These expectations could then actually affect how you choose and eventually taste the food. Subverting these expectations can cause a tremendous reaction and help your dishes stand out. One great example was an experiment in which people intricately described the subtle flavours of a red wine… which turned out to be white wine with food colouring.

When presenting food, the contrast between dishes or even on the same dish can be used to highlight certain parts of the dish or heighten the visual and mental impact of each colour on the plate. Against a full green salad, for example, the opposing red of a tomato or pepper will push the brain into seeing more ‘greenness’, creating a feeling of clean, fresher food. A similar effect is achieved with a small piece of red-toned garnish on a plate of lush green vegetables and deep brown meat, like a juicy steak.

The red tone creates contrast, making the whole dish more exciting to the mind. This could work between courses, using different colours in each course to really separate them and keep the palette invested and hungry for each subsequent dish. Or on a buffet spread to keep the viewer looking around the whole table, making each and every dish interesting and inviting. So, the next time you are cooking for guests, working in food service, or putting out a buffet spread, keep in mind that you may be able to manipulate the guests’ taste buds in your favour by beginning the tasting process right at the beginning; when their eyes see the colours of your lovely foods.


Summertime Picnics


Now summer is truly here; sitting in the park or any quiet space under the canvas of trees, to spread out a blanket, open your cool box to reveal foods neatly packed or even individual lunch boxes.

Summer gives colleagues the chance to enjoy some time together, games can be organised such as rounders or if there are a few colleagues, French cricket. Drinks can be chilled, whether it’s pre-made cocktails, beers or soft drinks. With some light sports, not too much, it is for fun, and this is a chance to have a get-together. A fun afternoon can be had by all.

From simple lunch bags to trays of Italian antipasto to Korean fried chicken with Asian salads. A selection to suit all tastes as well as gluten-free and other allergens.

We can prepare duck rillettes and pulled ham hock with mustard and pickles, smoked salmon pate, and spanakopita. Home-made crostinis and roasted pita flavoured with smoked paprika, oregano and seasoning, black pudding scotch eggs and asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and rocket, ham and cheese croquettes. A picnic does not have to be sandwiches and crudites. If drinks are wanted, then we can assist there too. We would hope everyone’s tastes are covered.

Get out and enjoy the outside space. Summer is here!