At Maven Foods, we take pride in everything we do and in the food we make for each and every client. Having been in the food trade for over 40 years, we have learnt that our customers and food are our focus.

When it comes to planning an event that requires imagination, flair, and creativity, we at Maven Foods ask that you contact Mirage Parties. They take care of everything from the initial contact to the final guest leaving. You would only want to pick out what to wear and be the perfect host for a spectacular event.

Mirage creates outstanding events, taking party planning to the next level to give an experience to remember.

Mirage has planned themed parties for the past 30 years, starting with corporate-focused events and then gaining a private clientele reputation for seamless production that gives you outstanding and cherished memories of the celebration..

If you have a landmark event that needs to be celebrated, such as a birthday, anniversary, or even a wedding, and are looking to make your vision stand out.

Mirage Parties is the party production company of choice for luxury events. Their production expertise and creative design will give you peace of mind, and they manage everything from the marquee/venue, the entertainment, all the technical specifications and kit, and the vital party ingredients of cocktail bars.

Maven Foods has worked with Mirage Parties over the years, providing canapés, bowl foods, plated dining, and food stations.

Take what you have always enjoyed, from going to the theatre to see a show for the tenth time to a honeymoon all those years ago. To have these visions played out in front of you and your close friends, family and relatives. Bringing this all together with Mirage and Maven Foods.






Serving drinks, where it’s for a gallery opening, drinks to compliment canapes or bowl foods, a buffet or just for the office party. It can be hard choices to make as to how much to buy, let alone what to offer. Even with the bar itself, should you go for the table, tablecloth or a light-up bar or other types?

This might depend on space and budget. Sometimes keeping it simple with beers and wine, with a table set up with glassware and some ice, is all you might need. For an office or a reception, tats were to begin. To add to your setup, maybe add some cocktails, popular ones such as a mojito, or blackberry tom collin, or even a prosecco cocktail. With cocktails, you can limit the amount to be served or just for a few hours.

This gives you control on your budget as well as some extra variety and would not cost the earth as they are more straightforward. When it comes to gin, vodka and other spirits, it can be a hard one to call. You do wish your colleagues and friends to enjoy themselves but might not want things to get out of hand.

Setting limits on what spirits – all single measures – are available and for how long (a set period of time) as well as the volume you might have, maybe keeping it a few litre bottles. With some ice to cool drinks, lemons and limes, helpful bar staff to serve and clear dirty glassware away.

Whichever way you would like your bar setup, we can help with your arrangements and what can be offered.


When it comes to the table decorations, you can be met with lots of options which can be overwhelming.
The one the most would ponder on, whether you’re planning your wedding or any type of seat down fayre. Do you have flowers which is a great way to go. But depending on the number of tables and the size can become costly.
While flowers look nice and are the traditional option for
most, Why not break the mould and go with something
that means to you as a couple. If you are throwing a party and have a theme in mind, try and incorporate said theme. Some of my favourites are when a couple of sprays painted pineapples

gold and used them surrounded by votive candles. Or how about having candelabras on the tables which will make the room look very dramatic as day fades to night. You could even just have candles and votives of your favourite colour laid on a mirror with rose petals or crystals

sprinkled around. Even a magic theme can have an upturned top hat with a rabbit popping out.

Or why not go for it and have a theme: your favourite book or a film you love as a couple or why not choose dinosaurs because that’s what you both love.
Just remember this is your big day whether it’s a wedding, a kids party or an anniversary. Whatever you choose, your guests are there for you, because they love you and want to make your special day the best it can be. Enjoy, relax it’s time for the fun to begin.

Just to say at the end of the night your guest could be going home with arms full of flowers or a gold pineapple.


Once you have invited all your guests and have a rough idea of how many friends and family are joining you and once you know how many tables you will need. Now comes a part of the planning that you could make really fun, naming the tables.

While most couples opt for numbers. Why not think outside of the box and go for something that means a lot to yourselves as a couple. Even if you are planning a party, get creative.

One of my favourites that I’ve seen is countries or destinations that you have been to as a couple or a selection of your favourite gigs that mean something to you, so name the tables after those bands. Or why not name them after pets you’ve had as a couple or separately.

If you have a theme in mind for your big day why not name the tables after it. Such as if you were having a cake table, each table having a cake name. Having an interest you both enjoy from gardening, theatre or even jiu-jitsu moves, why not go with that? Why because it is your day.

Table names are one of the many details that you use to make your big day personalised to yourselves and whatever you decide to make it. There is one advantage with table names. They might make your guests feel more included, table number 13 might not be the best to be seated at. Go for it!!!!!

What should I serve my guests to drink at my wedding?

When It comes to planning a wedding a lot of questions will come up.  One of the main ones being how do I make my wedding stand out from all the other weddings I have attended.

One of the simplest and most customisable way to offer your guests a cocktail during the canape reception.

A simple and cost-effective way is via a Bellini. Peach, strawberry, raspberry, or whatever your favorite fruit is. All you need is fruit puree and prosecco.

Why not mix elderflower cordial with the prosecco for a twist on the classic Bellini.

What about offering non-alcoholic lemonade for those friends who don’t drink or try mixing elderflower cordial with sparkling water and garnishing with a cucumber ribbon for a light refreshing drink on a hot summers day.

Of course, you cannot go wrong with the classic Pimm’s or why not hop across to the continent and serve your version of a classic sangria or Aperol spritz.

For those looking a drink that’s made closer to home find out there is a local brewery that offers a craft beer that you enjoy.

Or why not offer the guest a choice of you or your partner’s favorite cocktail.

The world is your oyster when it comes to drinks and whatever you choose to do the guests will love it.

Weddings, a time to celebrate…

When you start to plan your wedding, all the ideas you’ve ever seen will be in your head. The place you’ve always had in mind for your ceremony. The venue you and your guests would join together to eat, drink, and step on to the dance floor for the first dance together as a couple.

From the beginning it might be best to sit yourself down with a pen and paper and start with your budget, list all that you might like from the dress, transport, venue, foods, drink, DJ or band to themes, colours, and flowers.

It might seem a lot to take in but taking your time giving yourself a few days to give a comprehensive list of all aspects from beginning to end will help you think clearly and help visually see how it might come together without the stress.

Once this is in place, start to get costs in on what’s on offer, what fits in your budget, even if that means a Thursday wedding as the venue is more reasonably priced and giving enough notice to guests might work.

What type of food you like, whether you sit down formally, have a buffet, bowl food handed round or even a bbq. Food is always adaptable as sitting down to roast beef is also possible in a mini bowl even with a Yorkshire pudding and gravy, bbq steak with roast potatoes and trimmings. Chocolate brownie topped with berries and sour cream, mini bowl, or plated.

A good caterer can adapt and slightly change foods to give you near to what you might be looking for but with different price options.

I would say the same for the flowers, favours, or even how the drinks might flow, small changes might be made but the vision is still there.

Of course the dress is very personal to yourself and that would be your choice.

We are here to help especially with food, staffing and all that might happen in between.

Unconventional Catering Ideas For Your Wedding

Weddings aren’t just for traditionalists anymore – you don’t have to have to have a big white dress, the horse and carriage and you especially don’t have to have the dainty five course meal. There’s nothing worse than selecting a traditional meal just to keep up appearances. It’s your wedding so why not stay true to yourself and opt for a more unconventional catering idea that you and your guests will enjoy a whole lot more.


Ideal for any spring or summer wedding, BBQ catering is a great choice for those who like a really relaxed atmosphere and want to entertain their guests with an array of classic garden party combinations. BBQ catering eliminates the tiresome task of getting your guests to make meal selections before the day – all they have to do is come along and choose from a selection of succulent beef burgers, sizzling grills and fresh crisp salads. You won’t need to worry about your guests with special dietary requirements either as there are plenty of vegetarian options that can be cooked to perfection on the grill too.

Canapes and Bowl Food

A slightly more sophisticated option for those who are looking to host the perfect evening soiree after their ceremony. This unconventional catering idea is probably the most formal option – however not as formal as that dainty five courses meal we talked about earlier. Canapes bring that daintiness and sophistication to your dining but the bowl food brings a more laid back feel. The perfect combination for weddings who want a bit of both. Canapes and bowl food dishes don’t leave your guests feeling too full so then they are free to dance the rest of the night away with you. This unconventional catering option also offers your guests a wide selection of dishes, suitable for all taste palates and appetites.


The ultimate unconventional wedding catering option for those that like a bit of everything. Create your own menu, full of yours and your guests favourite dishes. You can choose whether to have hot or cold buffet – but don’t forget it’s your wedding so why not have both if you’re having trouble deciding. Buffets are perfect for a big wedding and guest lists that contains the fussiest of guests. Everyone will be full before the nights up and did we mention that this option will definitely not blow your entire wedding budget!


Are you and your partner early birds, or do you just like eating breakfast for dinner? Then why not celebrate your special day with the most important meal of the day. Start your guests off with some pastries and fruit to then give them a choice of a Full English or Eggs Benedict for mains. Finally finish off your meal with some yogurt compote or muffins. Of course, you can always combine breakfast with a buffet and have the best of both worlds too.

Well that’s it for our unconventional catering ideas for unconventional weddings. Would you ditch the five course meal for any of these options or do you have your own unique catering idea? Also remember to get in touch if you need any help making you unconventional catering ideas a reality.