When it comes to the table decorations, you can be met with lots of options which can be overwhelming.
The one the most would ponder on, whether you’re planning your wedding or any type of seat down fayre. Do you have flowers which is a great way to go. But depending on the number of tables and the size can become costly.
While flowers look nice and are the traditional option for
most, Why not break the mould and go with something
that means to you as a couple. If you are throwing a party and have a theme in mind, try and incorporate said theme. Some of my favourites are when a couple of sprays painted pineapples

gold and used them surrounded by votive candles. Or how about having candelabras on the tables which will make the room look very dramatic as day fades to night. You could even just have candles and votives of your favourite colour laid on a mirror with rose petals or crystals

sprinkled around. Even a magic theme can have an upturned top hat with a rabbit popping out.

Or why not go for it and have a theme: your favourite book or a film you love as a couple or why not choose dinosaurs because that’s what you both love.
Just remember this is your big day whether it’s a wedding, a kids party or an anniversary. Whatever you choose, your guests are there for you, because they love you and want to make your special day the best it can be. Enjoy, relax it’s time for the fun to begin.

Just to say at the end of the night your guest could be going home with arms full of flowers or a gold pineapple.