Well who would have thought that food collaborations would be such a big thing and do they work? I suppose since they do work as to open up to new customers and increase both participating food brands’ presence in each other’s markets.

A lot of these products are not competing in each’s market share, such as Dairy milk collaborating with vegemite. One is aimed at the sweet/chocolate aisle while the other is in the savoury aisle to spread on your toast in the morning, but each came together to give salty, sweet-based chocolate, probably following on from salted caramel becoming popular with chocolate brands.

In another instance, Heinz pasta sauce and absolut vodka come together for a tomato-based pasta sauce with a touch of vodka. They do not clash in the food aisle but after dropping sound bites before release of their product, and given it was a limited run, they managed to increase awareness of each other’s products to new buyers as (well as Heinz having the top selling pasta sauces for that period). Heinz also increased the popularity of their other pasta sauces.

Now it’s not all roses in the garden of collaborations. Kellogg’s and Kit-kat combination… in this day of high-sugar cereals aimed at children for breakfast? For some parties, this might be going a step too far.

Whichever your point of view, they are here to stay in this digital age where being first to have a limited run of food is something to post about, even if it only helps you get a few more followers.