It’s not too far off when witches would be flying around the cold dark skies. An abundance of ghouls and ghosts and all things creepy are out there to scare someone, you hope.

Pumpkins carved are lit up and placed outside the front door, a homing beacon for trick-or-treaters to know you would have sweets for them as a treat. With all things orange, black and any other dark colours, with splashes of blood (something red, anyway). Spider webs and cauldrons boiling away to serve tempting delights is that possible… So how does food fit into this? Well, I suppose it’s being creative with what is available to you. Here are some ideas you might like.

Firstly, there are cheese broomsticks which look very realistic. Then you might have Scotch eggs given a twisted makeover, all still tasting good but looking as if it’s been through a blood bath. Mummified green peppers wrapped in pastry with dark, beady protruding eyes. All done in the spirit (pun intended) of fun, but with the added bonus, you can eat it before it gets you! Enjoy your treats, and avoid the tricks.