Hot days is when we deserve ice cream and ice lollies

Hot days are when we deserve ice cream and ice lollies. Well, that’s what we think. Hot all day, no cool breeze, no beach to hand and no paddling pool, London gets hot!. But with a freezer to hand, we decided to make ice lollies and ice cream and play around with the flavours to see how they tasted.

As well as trying not to add any sugar and keep them balanced with some better foods, well, that’s what we told ourselves. Up first was a coconut ice lolly made with coconut milk, pistachio nuts and fresh pineapple for the sweet element, all vegan too. A sort of pina colada, no alcohol. It was smooth and cool; close your eyes facing the sun, just for a few minutes, with your feet in a bucket of water.

Caribbean beach, well in our heads, but not much room for three pairs of feet in a bucket! Next, we made blueberry yoghurt ice cream.

That turned out better than expected, with some shredded KitKat on the top. And now we are trying chocolate ice lollies made with apple juice as the sweetener and added banana and hazelnut chocolate spread for added fibre and protein. 70% chocolate, so again, we can make it vegan.

We did share with our neighbours, but I think that was only so we could create the next flavour. Enjoy your summer, but be careful in the sun. Cool lollies, that’s the way forward.