Is a BBQ just sausages and burgers!

So just to say there is nothing wrong with a good burger or great sausages, the question should be why stop there. There are so many flavours from around the world to explore, all on a bbq

Let’s start with a japanese style bbq with grilled shiitake mushrooms chicken wings and asparagus, simple yet tasty the way only Japanese could do. Match that with teriyaki glazed salmon, chicken balls and yakitori chicken.

What mexican foods, Chicken flavoured with smoked paprika, pickled jalapenos, mashed avocado and chipotle mayonnaise. Mexican spiced salmon, refried beans, sour cream. Smoky pork and black bean tacos, coriander yoghurt and roasted peppers. Full of the flavour of mexico, spicy, fresh with lime and a touch of coriander.

Why keep to skewers, joints of lamb butterflied, marinated in chilli, soy and orange. Or sirloin of beef marinated in miso and korean chilli paste, all finished on the bbq. These can be carved and served with salads or placed in buns with sauces and pickles.

Grilled food in wraps, pita breads, on skewers in buns, placed in tacos, topped with cheese, sauces, pickled vegetables, salsa and relish.
Add something different to your summer bbq, whatever you have in mind we can help to provide drinks, cocktails, glassware, china and cutlery or just a great bbq with burgers and sausages using biodegradable plates and cutlery. Please get in touch, see if we can help.