Here at Maven Foods, we try our best to accommodate all tastes, from canapes and finger foods to a selection of bowl foods and sit-down dinners.

So when it comes to convenience and wanting more than a sandwich. We can offer rice or baby potato salad and then various fish, meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

As well as this they can be gluten/wheat free, if need be.

With the rice or baby potato, we would add some salads to accompany your fish, meat, and vegetarian choice.

We hope this gives more scope to give to clients as well as being individually packed and labelled, with biodegradable ware. Great for when you have little room or time to deliver lunch or a large number of guests. We would give it to you, you then hand it out to your client, ready to eat.

We have a Mexican box with spiced chicken, roasted sweetcorn salad, pickled onions and guacamole.

With this, we can offer a selection of carton, bottled, or canned drinks as well as individual boxed desserts or sweet treats such as chocolate bars or rich chocolate brownies.

We even have our Japanese lunch box with a selection of sushi, wakame pea carrot salad and seaweed wraps.

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