Is macaroni cheese one of the great comfort foods, We say yes and that’s first because it contains cheese. Cheese is all you want it to be, rich, satisfying food that affects your brain so you crave it more. So we suppose that is what makes a comfort food, happy, contentment. Mac and cheese can be enjoyed as a bowl food, even as a late-night snack as a party winds down, to fuel the body for the journey home, especially on colder nights. With different flavour cheeses, such as stilton mac and cheese, red Leicester mac and cheese, even there the list could go on for as many cheeses there are.

To the grandness of lobster mac and cheese with its cheese sauce infused with a bisque flavour and fresh lobster sitting proudly on top. Wild mushroom mac and cheese. The wild mushroom gives it an earthiness and with the smooth richness of cheese such as goats, stilton or cheddar, any one of them would complement each other Bacon or pancetta, fried in lardons sitting proudly on mac and cheese with a few crispy onions to finish.

Now it is possible to use vegan cheese and replacement milk and still finish with a vegan chorizo sausage or bbq vegan pulled pork. The sweet tanginess of hoisin duck on mac and cheese. You see the possibilities are endless After reading this, there must be an inkling stirring somewhere, mac and cheese. But hey if it hits the spot every now and again, enjoy!