Once you have invited all your guests and have a rough idea of how many friends and family are joining you and once you know how many tables you will need. Now comes a part of the planning that you could make really fun, naming the tables.

While most couples opt for numbers. Why not think outside of the box and go for something that means a lot to yourselves as a couple. Even if you are planning a party, get creative.

One of my favourites that I’ve seen is countries or destinations that you have been to as a couple or a selection of your favourite gigs that mean something to you, so name the tables after those bands. Or why not name them after pets you’ve had as a couple or separately.

If you have a theme in mind for your big day why not name the tables after it. Such as if you were having a cake table, each table having a cake name. Having an interest you both enjoy from gardening, theatre or even jiu-jitsu moves, why not go with that? Why because it is your day.

Table names are one of the many details that you use to make your big day personalised to yourselves and whatever you decide to make it. There is one advantage with table names. They might make your guests feel more included, table number 13 might not be the best to be seated at. Go for it!!!!!