South America has a rich history, with a mix of many cultures who in turn have brought their foods to add to the pot. The indigenous people already grow potatoes, corn, avocados, sweet potatoes, chillies and so much more.

With the arrival of the Spanish, French and Portuguese, bridging with them their own style of cuisine but mixing it and using local ingredients. When Africa and Asia are added to the mix, we have an exciting array of foods that are used in everyday cooking.

With the development of cattle ranches, beef and for that matter all meats play a big part in the foods of South America. With charcoal easily available, barbecuing has found its place. With accompanying sauces and marinades, giving get the flavour to enjoy with colleagues, family and friends. With so many chilis, each gives its unique flavour and spice to your dish.

You can not leave out avocados, sliced, mashed guacamole, or the coolness of the spice.

Chimichurri sauce, a mix of herbs, garlic and chillies spooned over steaks, prawns and even bbq cauliflower, add a fresh touch. Green salsa made with tomatillo and jalapenos is another great accompaniment to pork, chicken and grilled sweet potatoes.

Honey and ponzu dressing from Asia, tequila and lime prawns, honey-chipotle chicken wings.

Lots to savour as always, but great to give your BBQ a new direction and get the taste buds going.