Now summer is just around the corner and you can feel the heat in the sunshine. Maybe it’s time to step outside and let all three wondrous things collide. The first being tacos, we have to say we weren’t much into them until we were asked to put a menu together that had tacos on it. That’s when food becomes interesting when you start to look into what makes tacos, how you can vary, and put a twist on it. Let’s start with Baja cod tacos, a piece of cod fried in a beer and herb batter, marinated red cabbage, pico de gallo and a spicy sauce, all held together in a corn taco.

Everything is there, some salad, flavoursome fish and a sauce to bring it all together. Slow-cooked confit duck, layered with a fine fennel salad with orange and a blackberry compote. Garlic grilled asparagus would sit in the base of the taco shell. Mashed black bean and roasted red pepper salsa, drizzled with sriracha vegan mayonnaise. Korean shredded beef with a gochujang

flavour, red cabbage slaw and avocado cream. This is one we do like, the Korean spice gives it the underlying warmth you get from Mexican foods. Now chicken tinga is something we had never heard of, but after slow cooking chicken ina deep tomato spiced sauce with pickled red onions and sour cream, it all comes together. Vegan feta crumbled with black beans, and tomatoes, a squeeze of lime and olive oil topped with fried plantain. Of course, there is a touch of ancho chilis. With a glass of margaritas or a beer such as pacifico clara or acorona, enjoy the summer vibes, and feel the sun. Summer is on its way!