Unconventional Catering Ideas For Your Wedding

Weddings aren’t just for traditionalists anymore – you don’t have to have to have a big white dress, the horse and carriage and you especially don’t have to have the dainty five course meal. There’s nothing worse than selecting a traditional meal just to keep up appearances. It’s your wedding so why not stay true to yourself and opt for a more unconventional catering idea that you and your guests will enjoy a whole lot more.


Ideal for any spring or summer wedding, BBQ catering is a great choice for those who like a really relaxed atmosphere and want to entertain their guests with an array of classic garden party combinations. BBQ catering eliminates the tiresome task of getting your guests to make meal selections before the day – all they have to do is come along and choose from a selection of succulent beef burgers, sizzling grills and fresh crisp salads. You won’t need to worry about your guests with special dietary requirements either as there are plenty of vegetarian options that can be cooked to perfection on the grill too.

Canapes and Bowl Food

A slightly more sophisticated option for those who are looking to host the perfect evening soiree after their ceremony. This unconventional catering idea is probably the most formal option – however not as formal as that dainty five courses meal we talked about earlier. Canapes bring that daintiness and sophistication to your dining but the bowl food brings a more laid back feel. The perfect combination for weddings who want a bit of both. Canapes and bowl food dishes don’t leave your guests feeling too full so then they are free to dance the rest of the night away with you. This unconventional catering option also offers your guests a wide selection of dishes, suitable for all taste palates and appetites.


The ultimate unconventional wedding catering option for those that like a bit of everything. Create your own menu, full of yours and your guests favourite dishes. You can choose whether to have hot or cold buffet – but don’t forget it’s your wedding so why not have both if you’re having trouble deciding. Buffets are perfect for a big wedding and guest lists that contains the fussiest of guests. Everyone will be full before the nights up and did we mention that this option will definitely not blow your entire wedding budget!


Are you and your partner early birds, or do you just like eating breakfast for dinner? Then why not celebrate your special day with the most important meal of the day. Start your guests off with some pastries and fruit to then give them a choice of a Full English or Eggs Benedict for mains. Finally finish off your meal with some yogurt compote or muffins. Of course, you can always combine breakfast with a buffet and have the best of both worlds too.

Well that’s it for our unconventional catering ideas for unconventional weddings. Would you ditch the five course meal for any of these options or do you have your own unique catering idea? Also remember to get in touch if you need any help making you unconventional catering ideas a reality.