Weddings, a time to celebrate…

When you start to plan your wedding, all the ideas you’ve ever seen will be in your head. The place you’ve always had in mind for your ceremony. The venue you and your guests would join together to eat, drink, and step on to the dance floor for the first dance together as a couple.

From the beginning it might be best to sit yourself down with a pen and paper and start with your budget, list all that you might like from the dress, transport, venue, foods, drink, DJ or band to themes, colours, and flowers.

It might seem a lot to take in but taking your time giving yourself a few days to give a comprehensive list of all aspects from beginning to end will help you think clearly and help visually see how it might come together without the stress.

Once this is in place, start to get costs in on what’s on offer, what fits in your budget, even if that means a Thursday wedding as the venue is more reasonably priced and giving enough notice to guests might work.

What type of food you like, whether you sit down formally, have a buffet, bowl food handed round or even a bbq. Food is always adaptable as sitting down to roast beef is also possible in a mini bowl even with a Yorkshire pudding and gravy, bbq steak with roast potatoes and trimmings. Chocolate brownie topped with berries and sour cream, mini bowl, or plated.

A good caterer can adapt and slightly change foods to give you near to what you might be looking for but with different price options.

I would say the same for the flowers, favours, or even how the drinks might flow, small changes might be made but the vision is still there.

Of course the dress is very personal to yourself and that would be your choice.

We are here to help especially with food, staffing and all that might happen in between.