What are we scared of!?


When it comes to October, Halloween is just around the corner, when we can become creative, dressing in a fashion that would make you think, “Is that a real zombie!”

You know that it is not real; it is not going to harm you. Is that the same as riding on a ghost train, that you are in a safe place, you are strapped in. Yet when it’s dark with eerie noises, subdued lighting and an ominous figure would jump out and make your heart pound and fingers clench tight, wanting this to end.

Yet here you are, wanting that feeling, wanting to be frightened, wanting to be spooked. So why do we become unnerved by new foods? What happened to eating offal or seafood that might not have been heard of? Are we losing touch with eating all that a sheep might offer?

Do we just go for the start-forward steak or chicken supreme because it’s easy or just safe? All the off-cuts become disguised as something else, such as sausages or pate. Are we losing the real street food?

On a trip to Sicily, we ended up in some back street restaurant ordering food, what? We did not know, but surely that is not the point, it’s the taste, using the whole of the animal, the heritage behind these dishes.

This is much like, “I’m a celebrity; get me out of here.” They are not going to feed you something that would cause any harm. So if you are given a broomstick that’s made of food or stuffed braised lamb hearts, explore, taste and enjoy; it’s not going to hurt you.